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All Safe Environment Training Certificates expire 6/30/2018 for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux.  The Diocese has given us permission to begin Safe Environment training for July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021.  All priests, deacons, religious and employees, as well as volunteers who work with youth, are required to take the course.

If you have never taken the training before, you must first complete a Volunteer Ministry Application and submit your signed copy to the rectory office.  This application can be obtained on the Houma-Thibodaux Diocesan website at:  https://safeandsacred-htdiocese.org/pdf/form_youth_ministry_volunteer.pdf
After turning in your application to the rectory office, you will be notified when you have been approved to begin the training.

If you have taken the course online before, you also must complete a Volunteer Ministry Application and submit your signed copy to the rectory office no later than June 30, 2018.  (See above for web address for VMA.) However, you may log onto your account and proceed with the training at any time. 

 Instructions for the process are as follows:

Log-in to your account. (New users will create a new account.)
If your profile info appears, update the info and click SAVE at the bottom of the page, it will then bring you to the Home Page.
If your profile information does not appear, you will be at the Home Page.
Scroll down to “Safe & Sacred Adult Training Program”.
You will see “Protecting Children in the 21st Century”, click RETAKE COURSE. (New users will see TAKE COURSE.  At the start of the training, you will prompted for information for your background check.
If you have questions contact Tech Support at 888-804-9643 (online chat is also available).



Out of an abundance of caution – owing to our recessed economy locally as well as a lack of confidence among the lay faithful in Church governance surfacing nationally in the wake of the release of names of priests who had been accused of sexual abuse in the past – we have made the decision NOT to move forward with the renovations at this time.  Since my request for donations was for money to be spent NOW and NOT for money to be invested for the future and since your intention was for the money to spent, we must offer each of you your donations back.  Any donation you wish to leave on deposit for renovations at a future date will be deposited in a restricted account which can only be used for Renovations to the Cathedral.  The deposit is made through the Catholic Foundation because it yields a higher rate of interest than Central Finance does.

In time, as the economy recovers and the confidence in church governance is restored, the necessary moneys will be raised and the renovations will indeed take place.  

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​​​Hospital Visits

We would like to inform our parishioners if you are entering the hospital or have a loved one currently in the hospital and you would like one of our priests to visit, you can contact the church office at 876-6904. When you register at the hospital, tell them that you are Catholic and your parish is St. Francis de Sales so your name can be placed on the directory; otherwise, the Parish Priests have no way of knowing that you are in the hospital.


Kiosk Carts

Visit our Kiosk Cart in the foyer which offers inspiring resources to deepen your faith. The Kiosk cart features some of the world’s best Catholic speaks and authors. You can listen to a CD in your car or at home and then pass the CD on to someone else.New titles will be offered after the current ones run out. So keep checking back! Items are marked with prices.  Donations to cover some of the cost of these materials would be greatly appreciated. You can also place an order through Lighthouse Catholic Media for your favorite CD, booklets, books or pamphlets to share with family and friends. This is a great way to evangelize. Great bundle packages are offered for each Liturgical Season. Please use the Cathedral Promo Code 102340 when ordering. A portion of your order will be credited to the Cathedral. If there is a particular CD, book, or pamphlet that you would like to recommend for the kiosk cart, call the Cathedral Office with the title.


If you would like a prayer shawl for a loved one, please contact Cindy Matherne at CMatherne2@comcast.net or 852-1334.

Parish News

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Come, Lord Jesus


The Cathedral of St. Francis de Sales is offering an opportunity to study the life-giving Word of God in the “Come, Lord Jesus” Bible Study Program.  The program consists of a weekly gathering of a small group of people in a designated home, who study the upcoming Sunday readings for Mass. Books, study guides and the proper format for the gatherings are provided. This program was established by Fr. Conley Bertrand, a priest of the Diocese of Lafayette, and has been in place now for over 40 years. It has transforming power, building community and making people holy - and lovers of the WORD!  Numerous groups have already formed - at various times and days to fit everyone's schedule!   Call the rectory @ 876-6904 for more information - or to sign up!! 

Safe Environment Training

Lord, Teach Me To Pray is a 12 week series on Ignatian Prayer, led by trained facilitators.  Come and experience the way of prayer by St. Ignatius.  Sessions will run approximately 1-1/2 hours.  New sessions will be offered in the spring of 2019.  Sessions will be held in the convent.  Please call the rectory for more info, 876-6904.